Why choose ExhaustWorx?

ExhaustWorx are Irelands leading supplier of stainless steel exhausts. At Exhaustworx, in partnership with Longlife UK, we have a combined 30 years of experience in exhaust design and manufacture, so whatever your requirements, you can be assured that we have the necessary expertise to provide a solution. Whether you have purchased a classic car, a performance car, or simply want to upgrade to a high quality fitting for your everyday car, a stainless steel exhaust is a stylish, performance enhancing addition to any vehicle.

We manufacture all of our exhausts from 304 grade stainless steel which, once fitted should give you a lifetime’s trouble free use.

We have so much confidence in our Longlife exhaust products and installation service that we provide an industry leading transferable lifetime warranty on all our exhaust systems. This is designed to give our customers complete peace of mind. In the unlikely event that a problem arises, simply make an appointment and we will carry out any remedial work required, free of charge. The warranty is valid for the life of the car, so if you sell the car, the warranty can be transferred to the new owner.

Loud or quite, high performance or standard replacements…….we have the best exhaust solution for you. Trust us!

We keep our prices competitive without compromising on quality. The initial outlay on an Exhaustworx exhaust using Longlife products will soon prove to be a worthwhile investment and over time should save you money in your vehicle running costs. At ExhaustWorx we aim to make our products as affordable as possible, and we are pleased to be able to offer a finance option for customers who would prefer to spread the cost of upgrading to a stainless steel exhaust.

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More on our Lifetime Warranty Policy

• Lifetime Warranty

• 304 grade stainless steel

• Full backup from Longlife UK

• Highly trained and experienced staff

img_9408Relax in our customer waiting area, take a seat and enjoy some complimentary coffee and tea while we work on your vehicle.

img_9427Our very well equipped ExhaustWorx main bay, while we operate another 4 ramps in our IceTronix workshop, this bay is exclusively set up for the welding, tube bending and fabrication of exhausts.

img_9416ExhaustWorx is a subsidiary of IceTronix.com and we can offer more than just exhaust fabrication for your vehicle. Give us a call to discuss what other modifications are possible! 

Why are we better than the competition and not just on price ….
We pride ourselves on always doing the best job possible for our customers and providing several options for them to consider.

1 . We use super high quality materials.

We mainly work with stainless steel 304 grade and have the option to manufacture the exhaust systems with either MIG or TIG welding depending on the customers choice. We use high quality laser cut 8mm thick flanges and new gaskets to ensure a high quality seal on all joints in the exhaust system.

2. We use custom designed silencer boxes.

We are the only agent for LongLife exhaust products in Ireland.Because of our unique relationship with them we can special order nearly any size or design of exhaust silencer with most bore sizes. This means when we are designing your exhaust we can get the correct design silencer boxes which inevitably means a higher quality job is achieved as we are not trying to make the wrong design boxes fit which can result in a bad exhaust flow (reducing the cars performance) and also make the exhaust system prone do damage or breakage.

3.All our fabricators are fully qualified.

All our fabricators have done many courses on welding and fabrication.They work on each customers car like they are working on there own car and give 110% to ensure the the design and style of the system are to the highest standard.Our skilled fabricators can tune the exhaust note on your custom exhaust to meet your desired needs.Some customers want no noise change from there old exhaust to there new exhaust , some customers want no noise change at idle but when when driving the car higher the car sounds sportier , some customers just want it LOUD!!

4.Lifetime warranty.

We give a lifetime warranty on all our full exhaust systems manufactured by our fabricators using the Longlife products.
This warranty can be transfer from one owner to the next owner with a small administration fee.This means the exhaust system is fully covered by warranty until the car meets its end of life.