Project Description

A proper prestige motor with a real petrol head motor!
Some may think this is an odd request- we actually made this car quieter!
The only small issue the customer had with the car was it was a little “droney” on the motorway. At some point in the past a “sportier” type exhaust system was fitted by a previous owner. Keeping in mind this car is a V12 !
We replaced 2 small mid silencer which were a barrel design with 2 oval design boxes which helped remove some of the raspy noise but retained the cars roaring engine note when its pushed.
We used 304 grade stainless steel with Longlife high quality boxes, these are guaranteed for life so hopefully this V12 will be going for many years to come.img_0543 img_0554 img_0555 img_0557 img_0536 img_0537