Project Description

Here is a BMW 335i in for some extensive exhaust work last week.
We broke this system up in to two distinct jobs, secondary decats and then the exhaust system itself.

Overall, this system consisted of approximately 70 welds, 19 mandrel bends, 2 silencer boxes, 2 tips, 14 laser cut flanges, lots of tubing, some blood, sweat and thankfully no tears.

Job #1
Bolt in/out secondary decats section:
This allows a quick and easy change over back to the standard secondary catalytic convertors if required. We cut these standard catalytic converters out and add flanges both ends so they can be bolted back in.
We fabricate two new straight through pieces, again with flanges both ends.
Flanges are also added to the ends of exhaust tubing.
So lots of flanges! 12 in total for this part of the job.

Job #2
Catback exhaust system:
So starting further up starting at the downpipe, we fabricated a twin 2.5” exhaust system, half way down we have the split for the secondary cats/decats as described in job #1. After this decat section, the exhaust comes together again in a X-pipe crossover and finishes off with two rear boxes with some gorgeous polished tips. This was all made using mandrel bends.

All 304 stainless steel and fabricated on the car in our fully equipped workshop by our highly experienced exhaust team.